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PDR-100 Portable Diver Recall
Item# 900450-000

The PDR-100 was designed with Military, Public Safety and Commercial applications in mind. Designed with a rugged housing and durable underwater speaker, this Portable Diver Recall system is made for a long working life under harsh environments. The PDR-100 includes everything needed to get started: The PDR-100 Unit, Underwater Speaker, Battery & Charger.


  • Transmit a Solid Tone or Siren Recall
  • 300 Meter Range
  • Includes Rechargeable 12V NiMh and Smart Charger
  • Easy Hand Held Operation
  • Visible Muilti-Color LED Battery Status Indicator
  • Entire System is Packaged in 1 Small Padded Carry Bag
  • Removeable Speaker
  • Used by US Military Forces
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Price:$1,999.00

Input Voltage:

12 Vdc

Transmit Current:

1.3 Amp max

Idle Current:

55 mA

Input Transmit Power:

15 watts

Frequency Response:

530 to 700 Hz


300 meters

Beam Pattern:


Speaker Cable:

30 feet in length


PVC housing with Epoxy coated piezo elements


Size: 6.6 in. diameter, 3.8 in. axial length

Weight: 5.8 lbs. in air, 1 lb. in water

Speaker Maximum Depth:

30 feet


Injection-molded, high-impact plastic

Housing Dimensions:

Height: 7.0 in., Width: 4.5 in., Depth: 2.25 in.

Housing Weight:

1.7 lbs. with battery

Low-Battery Indicator:

Multicolor LED

Battery Type:

RB-14, NiMH 12, 2Ah

Battery Life:

5 hours at 20% duty cycle (Recall/Tone)

36 hours at standby mode

Battery Charger:

RCS-15: 90-260 VAC, 50-60 Hz input;

14.7 VDC output; charging current 800 mA

Battery Charging Time:

2-3 hours (the RCS-15 automatically switches to maintenance mode when the battery is fully charged, indicated by the LED turning green)

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