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Magnacom® MAG-1001S 2-Ch. 70@ Surface Station
Item# NM-900324-000
High Power Surface Station, 70 watts. Includes battery, charger, hand held mic. and transducer.
  • Price:$4,239.00

The Magnacom® MAG-1001S surface station is a state-of-the art 70-watt, dual-channel single sideband surface station designed to meet the demanding needs of the military. The Magnacom® MAG-1001S comes in a heavy duty housing and has many useful features including: record-out jack, front panel adjustable squelch and volume control, and hand-held microphone. It also comes standard with battery, battery charger, and transducer.

Options and Accessories: 
  •  RB-6V Rechargeable Battery Pack (two required) 
  •  RCS-13US/EU/UK/AU Smart Charger 
  •  THB-MAG Deluxe Headset w/boom microphone 
  •  TA-4H 25khz High Power Transducer
  •  TC-55S Transducer Cable, 55' long

MAG-1001S Surface Transceiver Specifications
Speech Input: Headset w/boom mic., hand held mic. or front panel speaker (PTT)

Low Frequency Pair:
Ch. A: 8.0875 kHz USB
Ch. B: 11.000 kHz LSB
High Frequency Pair:
Ch. A: 28.500 kHz lSB
Ch. B: 32.768 kHz USB

Transducer: Piezoelectric type
Transmit Power: 70W PEP
Range: 3000m to 10000m
Battery Type: Use RB-6V recharageable batteries only; no alkaline.
Battery Life: 8 hours (assuming 20% duty cycle)
External Power Source: 12 V DC minimum 9 amps via front panel with use of an MS connector
Housing Ultra high impact ABS (UK 613 Ultracase)
Dimensions: W=14", H=6.5", D=10.6", Weight: 12 lbs w/batteries

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