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WT-MK2 Wireless Tender - Wireless tender system (four wire mode operation)
Item# 900299-011

The WT-MK2 Wireless Tender is designed to operate with any hard-wire communication system that will function in the fourwire mode and that has front-panel banana-type connectors. It comes in two parts: 1) an electronics module (WT-MK2) designed to interface with the diver communication intercom, and 2) a remote transceiver and headset with boom microphone (the Tender Unit).

  • Price:$1,259.00

The WT-MK2 is a radio transceiver that, when connected to a four-wire hard-wire communication intercom, will provide full duplex communications between the tender and the diver(s). The manufacturer of the full-duplex radios claims a maximum range of ¼ mile. However, we have found that environmental (e.g., weather) conditions dramatically affect the range. We estimate a nominal range of between 75 yards and ¼ mile.

The unit comes standard with 4 AA NiCad rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. With freshly charged batteries, the WT-MK2 and Tender Unit will operate for approximately 5 hours.

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